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Professional Standards

The Professional Standards Department processes ethical complaints against members of our Association and arbitrations between broker members of the Southland Regional Association of REALTORS®. We also administrate mediations for the public, using the SRAR Mediation Services panel of mediators.

2022 Professional Standards Rules
CAR Implementation Guidelines- Disciplinary
CAR Implementation Guidelines- Arbitration 

Ethics Complaints, Arbitration Requests and Related Information Provided by the National Association of REALTORS®


**Commencing January 2023, Southland Regional Association of Realtors® will be accepting anonymous complaints for specific Code of Ethics violations. More information will be available soon.**


Ombudsman Program

If you are in a dispute with a member of the SRAR and have not yet or do not yet want to file an official complaint, your issue may be resolved through the use of our Ombudsman Program. This program is designed to have an experienced member contact both parties and attempt to resolve the matter in an informal way. This is a free service.

Ethical/Disciplinary Complaints

Statue of Limitations is 180 days from the date of the alleged violation. Anyone can file an ethical complaint against one of our members.

Before You File an Ethics Complaint (click here)

Case Interpretations

N.A.R. Code of Ethics Case Interpretations (click here)

N.A.R. Commercial Code of Ethics Case Studies (click here)

California Code of Ethics and Arbitration Manual (click here)

Download the Code of Ethics in different languages here!

Arbitration Complaints

Statue of Limitations is 180 days from the close of escrow. There is a $500 filing fee to be paid by the complainant.  

Once both the complaint and response have been received, the case is assigned to a volunteer mediator. We strongly recommend that both sides attempt to settle their dispute through mediation. If not, the case goes forward to an arbitration hearing. The decision of the arbitrators is final and binding. There is no appeal of an arbitration award.


Videos explaining Filling, benefits of Mediation and what to expect at an Arbitration Hearing:


Advertising Guidelines



 With transactions seeing more and more multiple offers, SRAR has updated our guidelines.  

When a listing agent has received multiple offers, what can or can't be disclosed to a buyer's agent? Does the REALTORS® Code of Ethics say listing agents can't disclose the details of the other offers unless all parties involved are given the same information?  Article 1 and its Standards of Practice provide guidance on multiple offers. Article 1 has two primary obligations. First is the requirement that REALTORS® "protect and promote the interests of their client." Second is the "obligation to treat all parties honestly."


SRAR has recently revised its Short Sale Guidelines. These guidelines were last revised in 1994 so it was time for an update. The new guidelines start out with a definition of a Short Sale. Next, the guidelines have a section for Recommended Procedures for a listing broker when taking a short sale listing. This is followed by a section on Recommended Procedures for the Selling broker. After this there is a section containing General Guidelines which includes information on Reporting the Sale to MLS, Disposition of the Deposit, Opening of Escrow and finally the recommended procedure for handling offers received after the original offer has been accepted by the seller and forwarded to the lender for short sale approval. A review of these guidelines would be prudent to make sure you are familiar with the recommended procedures for handling short sales.  Additionally, please take a look at the Short Sale Tips provided by the California Association of REALTORS®

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